Multi player, plug in all the pc gamepads goodness written in C and OpenGL. Auto detects players and drops them into the game.

Keyboard controls: arrows and z:jump, x:kick, c:change teams

F5: Reset, F9:start match (settings in the .ini file)

Comments: football

AlexHow do you start a match!!??

LozVery good question, I had to look in the code to find out. F5 - reset players/ball. F9 - starts the match You need to set up the match options how you want them in the .ini file first though.

AlexThanks a lot!

AlexHi Still cant work out how to get player 2 to appear on the field

LozTo add a new player you need some kind of joystick/pad plugged in. You then press a direction and the player should drop in.


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