Hi! I am Laurence Shann, a freelance programmer.

This is a collection of some of the games and other programming I do in my spare time between contracts.

You can see the full listing, including all the less interesting or very early work here.

Last Update 26th June 2017.

On The Rooftops

A HTML5 minigame written in Dart built into the top of the frontpage of this very site. You must have a modern browser that supports HTML5 to play.

Press the space bar to start the game and to jump, and try not to fall!

Tomb of Rooms

A survival horror game built in Unity with procedurally generated levels. Click through to the website for more information

Ninja Flood Fight

A multiplayer Sonic meets rainbow islands game. The level editor is accessible in game (press escape in 1 player mode)

The entire game is controlled by the keyboard. Player one uses the arrow keys, space and escape.

Augmented reality

An Augmented reality test using FLARManager in Flash. Needs a webcam and printing out a marker to work.

Puts a rolling 3D ball into your world.


A C program that continuously records an audio source (such as a microphone) and allows you to save off the recent data at the click of a button.

Leave it on and it will never run out of space because it will discard anything more than 30 minutes old. When something worth keeping happens, press save and the audio gets saved as mp3 to the hard drive.

Needs LAME in order to save off files (Download lame.exe and lame_enc.dll separately).

Updated to Version 3 with Stereo recorder, bugfixes and a new UI (Old version here).

My Balls

An XNA tennis game that tries to give you a bit more control over your shot than most tennis games do.

Multiplayer through one keyboard player and up to four XBOX 360 controllers.

Into the Machine

A prototype shoot em up. Dropped in some music I was listening to at the time, and ended up partially building the level around the music. One level with online score table.

Chain lots of kills together for point multipliers. You lose your accumulated points when you lose a life, so to get a high score try to reach the end without dying.

Here and There

A claymation adventure game animated in a single night. Use the mouse to click and interact with objects and click on the window edges to walk to another location.

Finally should have fixed the lock up bug!

Facebook Pengwans

Pengwans returns as a Facebook plugin. See your friends as never before!

Builds a virtual penguin colony containing your facebook friends, and allows you to feed them with fish.


Platform game built around the idea of using the flash editor as a drag and drop level creator.

Missing some cutscenes, but playable up to the first boss.

All draw

A flash based, draw-something-to-share-with-others thing. Hold space to bring up the menu. Lines cannot be erased except when they are re-used in new drawings.


Multi player, plug in all the pc gamepads goodness written in C and OpenGL. Auto detects players and drops them into the game.

Keyboard controls: arrows and z:jump, x:kick, c:change teams

F5: Reset, F9:start match (settings in the .ini file)


My entry for the 2004 Flashkit games forum 48 hour competition. All concept, graphics and programming completed by me over a 48 hour period.
With this I won the "Most fun" category!